| March/April 1973

13 W. Plum St., Tipp City, Ohio 45371.

For some time now, I have been wanting to write to The Gas Engine Magazine and I've finally made it.

First of all, I would like to tell you how very much I enjoy reading the G. E. M. and how I look forward to receiving it. My Dad, who is 72 years old, myself and youngest son, try to attend as many of the shows each summer that we can, but so far most have been confined to the Ohio area.

It sure is a wonderful experience to attend a 'First' show in an area where there hasn't been any previous shows. And no matter what show you go to, it seems as though some ole-timer will come up, look your engine over, kinda smile and say, 'We used to have one like that back on the farm.' Right then and there your conversation starts and a new acquaintance is made. Sometimes you learn something about your engine or engines that you never knew before.

Right now, between my Dad and I, we have seven gas engines--two Hercules, 1? HP and 2 HP; two Economy's, 2? to 3 HP and 1? HP. Stover 4 HP. Fairbanks Morse 1? HP and an Ottawa 5 HP. All but two of them are running, and those two we are presently restoring and will have ready for the shows this summer.

My 1939 Plymouth, almost in mint condition. Still has original spare tire. Hasn't been on the road since 1966. Only 43,000 miles on it.