Wings & Wheels Over Texas

| July/August 1973

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In the 1940's James C. Leake of Muskogee, Oklahoma, began collecting classic and vintage automobiles as a hobby. Leake has since become an internationally known collector and opened his second museum, 'Wings and Wheels Over Texas,' early in May.

'Wings and Wheels Over Texas,' located across from Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, features 24 classic automobiles and several rare and vintage motorcycles and airplanes.

Leake's original 'Horseless Carriages Museum' in Muskogee, which opened in 1970, displays more than 60 classic, antique, sport, and special interest automobiles. His collection is valued in excess of $1 million.

This 1934 V-12 Packard, which was used as a diplomatic car at the White House from 1934 until Truman's term, is just one of the vintage automobiles featured at the new 'Wings and Wheels Over Texas' museum located across from Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas. This car was the top car in the Packard line and was known for its power, prestige and elegance. The museum will feature classic and vintage automobiles and rare motorcycles from the James C. Leake collection in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and vintage airplanes from the Dolph Overton collection.