| January/February 1981

JOHN STEWART died August 15, 1980. He had resided in Maple Creek. He held many a great threshing bee on Labor Day weekends at his Maple Creek Tractor Museum. He was a member of Saskachimo and the Pioneer Acres Plowman and Threshermen's Club at Langdon, Alberta. He will be missed by all. Submitted by Vivian Winter, R.R. 5, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 2G6.


The estimated quantity of petroleum marketed during the first half of the present year is 140,000,000 barrels, according to the officials of the United States Geological Survey. This is about five million barrels greater than the output of last year, and shows that there has been great activity in the oil fields. Drilling has increased enormously since the opening of spring and now oil wells have been opened up over a considerable area of eastern Kansas. The prices of crude oil have declined perceptibly and there is reason to believe there will be a reduction in the price of gasoline. October 1916 American Thresherman.