| January/February 1977

DARRELL K. WILLIAMS, 69, of New Castle, Pennsylvania died after a brief illness September 30, 1976. He was a very active and valuable member of Northwestern Pennsylvania Steam Engine and Old Equipment Association at Portersville, Pennsylvania and was one of the original members and a member of the Corporation's Board of Directors since it was established. He was a hard worker, faithful friend, a loved father and husband in addition to being a talented steam man and a wonderfully talented mechanic and pipe fitter. His tools and parts were always available for the use of his many friends along with help and advice. He will be greatly missed by the show and the community for many, many years.

Submitted by Thomas Downing, Northwestern Pennsylvania Steam Engine & Old Equipment Assn., R. D. 1, Box 149A, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 16117.

HAROLD WILLIAMS of Ada, Minnesota died in a truck accident as he was going to one of his favorite past times - a threshing show. He was killed on October 2. He had developed a deep interest in all old tractors, steam and gas and enjoyed so much to visit his friends at shows.

Submitted by Mrs. Harold Williams, Ada, Minnesota 56510.

CLARENCE MARVIN Mc-GEORGE, 74, died after a six month illness, on October 22,1976. He was active in the Northwestern Pennsylvania Steam Show held at Middle Lancaster for many years, and also at the antique section of New Castle Fair. His 10 HP Russell portable made a nice match for the shingle mill at both shows. Failing health had cut his participation the past years, but he still attended the local show this summer. He was a well known visitor, too at Stumptown, NTA-Wauseon, Ohio, Canfield Fair and Meadville. He was a retired engineer off the PRR and Aliquippa and Southern Railroads, and so his passing deprives us of knowledge and experience which cannot be replaced in addition to his friendship.

Submitted by Thomas Downing, R. D. 1, Box 149A, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 16117.