| September/October 1978

C. W. TUCKER of Newton, Missouri, passed away at a hospital in Columbia, Missouri, on June 7, 1978. He was a prominent farmer and a collector of old gas engines, tractors and old cars. He was a charter member of the IA-MO Club and was a director of the club at the time of his death. A friend of C. W. probably said it all when he said C. W. was a man who would help you anytime, anywhere and do anything when you needed it.

Submitted by Art Dickey, 306 West Anthony, Corydon, Iowa 50060.

JAKE MARNER, an old familiar figure at the steam and gas shows, passed away April 30, 1978, in Indiana. Steam was the joy of his life. Nothing did he enjoy better than to crawl in his old 'Minnie,' fire her up and blow the whistle.

Submitted by Mrs. B.J.K. Helmuth, Route 1, Box 17, Arthur, Illinois 61911.