| July/August 1983

GEORGE WAKEFIELD of Fayetteville, North Carolina, died December 19 of a massive heart attack. He attended all the local shows with his engines and radios. He did all of his repair work and was very good. He could fix anything! He had lots of friends all over the country. His many friends will greatly miss him. It has been a pleasure knowing him for the past few years.

Submitted by Charles R. Chason, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304.

The death on October 1, 1982 of FRED J. HART of Wayne, Ohio at the age of 97 marked the turning of one of the few remaining pages in the life stories of men involved in the great mechanical-industrial revolution era which shaped the growth of our country. His knowledge and creative genius as a steam engineer gave him wide recognition among his contemporaries. He maintained an avid interest to the end. It is noteworthy that his friends were able to give him public recognition at the Antique Engine Show held in July 1982.

It is because of individuals like Fred that our mechanical technology made such phenomenal growth.

Submitted by Francis L. Day

MICHAEL D. WEBER passed away June 22, 1982 as a result of a truck accidenthe was 19 years old at his death. Mike was a member of the Prairie Village Historical Society. He enjoyed collecting gas engines and old tractors. He also had a number of old cars. He enjoyed attending flea markets and gas engines shows and meeting people. Mike was well-liked by all who knew him.