| March/April 1975

J. HERMAN LAYTON, 82, of Federalsburg, Maryland passed away suddenly, Sept. 12, 1974 at his home. He was one of the original members of the Eastern Shore Threshermen and Collectors Association, Inc. He was a farmer and retired sawmill operator. He had used steam engines to thresh wheat, shell corn, pull stumps, run a sawmill and to run pea viners. He had owned four different engines. He attended several of the steam shows in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Submitted by Brenda Layton, Federalsburg, Maryland 21632.

CHARLIE BORTE, Silverton, Oregon died January 14, 1975. A very active man, Charley's hobbies were seemingly always centered around the automobile. Having four children of his own Charlie was always interested in the welfare of the young people in the community. Following his own interest in the 'horseless carriage' he, for a great many years, worked with the Silverton area youngsters who competed in the Salem Soap Box Derby. He also was an ardent supporter in the Pacific Northwest Threshing Bees. His free lance Model 'T' truck was a well known and truly remarkable creation seen at all the shows in recent years. He also belonged to the Western Steam Friends Association.

Submitted by Rodney M. Pitts, Route 2, Box 52, Silverton, Oregon 97381

KENNETH PETTET of Spencer, Iowa died very suddenly at his home the later part of November. He was 50. He was a true and wonderful engine man.

Submitted by Nathan Hickok, Amboy, Minnesota 56010.