The Golden Roll

| March/April 1973

  • Lucille R. Blaker

  • Lucille R. Blaker

Corydon, Iowa 50060.

LARRY L. RIES-son of Leland and Maxine Ries of Murray, Iowa was killed in a car accident December 15, 1972. The Ries Family are well-known in all steam shows in Iowa and Northern Missouri. Larry was active in all activities of antiques and was outstanding on collecting antique cast-iron toys.

I know this is a Stickney, but many of the newer collectors may not know what it is as it does not say. I would like to know the HP size.' (Sorry, there wasn't more information, but that's all Richard Geyer sent along with the picture.)

Well, I guess I've gabbed enough and I'd like to leave with a few quotations-No one objects to March coming in like a lion--it's the hanging around like a polar bear that's depressing--Bill Vaugh-an--Spring is the time of year when the weather seldom gets together with the season.--Friendship is like a bank account; you cannot continue to draw on it without making deposits.--

Mrs. Lucille R. Blaker, age 80, wife of LeRoy Blaker of Route 1, Alvordton, Ohio passed away January 6, 1973 at Detwiler Hospital, Wauseon, Ohio after a very brief illness.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Mrs. Blaker was awarded a Masters' Degree from Michigan State University.