Spark Plug of the Month

| May/June 1974

Union City, Indiana 47390

There he stood, leaning against the vibrating radiator and trying to out-shout the old 25-50 Baker Tractor which was doing 50-horse on the Baker Fan without losing his cheek-full of Bagpipe chawing tobaccer.

'She's doin' 'bout fifty, Joe,' he yelled over the steady, rythmic chug of the mighty Baker which was hitting on all four -- his grin depicting the proudest moment of a Spark plug's life without even losing his precious cud. What a 50-horse Baker couldn't jar loose, I felt his smile would. But Leo kept a tight lip.

From the files of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, we have obtained some old-time farm pictures. Perhaps some Kansas old-timers who are still there or living elsewhere can recall details. If you want to buy prints of the pictures they are obtainable from the Historical Society.

The one pictured above-is a tractor built by E. W. Willard, Morrill, Kansas about 1918.

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