| March/April 1976

Hi Dear Friends! - With limited space and many, many letters again, I'm not going to take your time with any of my idle chatter this issue - so we'll just go right to the letters -

DR. FRANK J. HALL, JR. is hunting someone to help him get an old Stover 6 HP engine working - if you feel you can help him -please write him at Poplar Perkins Building, Suite 422, 4646 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38117.

ROY and MELVIN PATTERSON, Route 2, Waddy, Kentucky 40076 send along this plea: 'My brother and I are new at gas engine collecting and we would like to get some information on two gas engines that we are restoring. One is a 7 HP Witte, serial number B5413. The other is an Ottawa 2-1/2 HP, serial number 14375. We would like to know about when they were made and the original paint color they came out with, or the paint number. We really enjoy the Gas Engine Magazine. (Bless you Boys, and may you get your answers soon).

FLOYD THOMPSON, 1816 Ernest, Missoula, Montana 59801 writes: 'I would like to hear from some one who knows what kind of an engine this is - it is a side shaft, hit and miss, locking the intake valve closed instead of exhaust valve open. It has an 8' bore and 10' stroke. It also has an adjustable rod. It has no name plate or identification anywhere. I would appreciate any information I can get.'

A question comes from CARL BLACKWELL, Route 2, Box 206C, Wynne, Arkansas 72396: 'I receive your G.E.M. and enjoy it very much. I started collecting old engines about three years ago. I now have about eight engines and I know of no one else around here that collects them.

I need some help. I have a Fairbanks Morse engine, Style C-RPM 350 to 700. The name plate gives 118 displacement. I would like to know the horsepower. The engine is complete, except the magneto is missing. What kind of magneto did this motor use? Would like to hear from someone who has a motor like this.'