Sawmill Project Is Completed

| February/March 1999

  • Band Standing Vrtical doing the Sawing

  • Old-time Mill

  • Old Iron Parts

  • Band Standing Vrtical doing the Sawing
  • Old-time Mill
  • Old Iron Parts

A & M Machine Shop 4125 Highway O Perryville, Missouri 63775

This year at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, I stopped at the GEM tent and explained to the lady there that I had this sawmill project almost completed.

I told her I built it from scratch and planned on taking it to some shows. She mentioned it would be a good story for GEM, and asked me to send some photos and a few paragraphs about it. So here goes.

These photos are of a band-saw sawmill I just recently completed. They were taken at a local craft fair and antique tractor show near my home. This was my first showing of this mill and they gave me a blue ribbon for honorable mention, sawmill demonstration.

Everyone who watched did enjoy seeing the sawmill work. The sawmill is P.T.O. powered. At this show, we used a 1944 John Deere tractor 'B' and even had more than enough power to run the mill.

For several years, I had this idea of building a band-saw sawmill. I wanted it to look like an old-time mill, with the log traveling back and forth on a carriage.

The difference is, instead of sawing with a circle blade, I have a band standing vertical doing the sawing. The band cuts a very narrow kerf and requires very low horsepower to run it.

I do own and operate a small machine shop near Perryville, Missouri. It took me six months to complete this project, working on it in my spare time. A lot of the materials and parts are new, but I did use some very good salvaged old iron parts.

I also want to say thank you to a very good friend and helper, Mr. Clyde.


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