A Reader Letter About Sattley Gas Engines

A reader sends a letter commenting on Sattley gas engines mentioned in previous Gas Engine Magazine articles.

| March/April 1967

A reader sends a letter commenting on Sattley gas engines. 

Well, here is the question. What Is It? Page 6 — 2/3 way down column 3 November-December 1966 issue, Ruben Michelson wants to know where the Sattley factory is. It was near Jackson, Michigan, in 1927, but now I couldn't say.

On page 32 September-October What Is It? It's more than meets the eye. It is a 11/2 hp Sattley and develops 21/4 hp at 300 to 575 rpm. Prices of Sattley engines cash — 11/2 hp $42.75, 3 hp $75.00, 5 hp $108.50, 7 hp $149.75.

Here is the surprise. These parts interchangeable with Model T Ford Motor:

1. Piston, 2. Piston rings, 3. Piston pin, 4. Spark plug, 5. Valve Spring seats, 6. Spring seat plug pin, 7. Intake and exhaust valves, 8. Connecting rod cap bolts, 9. Connecting rod clamp screw, 10. Piston pin bushings.

The 1927 Montgomery Ward Catalog quotes that the regular pistons and valves for Fords require slight altercations. This feature was their most economical and strongest selling point.