A Very Brief Word

| October/November 1999

Time is short this month, so we'll get right to the queries.

Our inquiries begins with:

34/10/1 Kewanee Engine Q. See the photos of an engine from Kewanee Private Utilities Company, Kewanee, Illinois. It is a Type 6A, s/n 8474. Can anyone provide any information on this engine? Any help would be appreciated. Rich Howard, Hysham, MT 59038.

A. We can't provide much to help you, and might also comment that we have a small four-cylinder Kewanee. For this one too, we have never found any information.

Editor's note: See the January/February 1982 GEM for some background on this company in an article by James Jones. Twenty years ago, columnist Glenn Karch had just restored a Kewanee, which he told of in an article in our March/April 1979 issue.

34/10/2 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photo of an unidentified engine. It was apparently intended to be a laboratory test engine. It is air cooled with convoluted copper fins surrounding the vertical cylinder; the valve tappets and push rods are exposed. Spark timing, dwell, fuel mixture and compression can all be varied at will. It has two interchangeable carburetors. The first is a conventional Tillotson, the second has a glass reservoir so that fuel can be precisely monitored. It has a panel of meters displaying rpm, power and cylinder head temperature. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Neal Matheson, 1828 E. 6th Ave., Mesa, AZ 85204.