A Brief Word

| November/December 1999

We have just returned from our annual sojourn to Midwest Old Threshers at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. We've been attending this one for more years than we care to remember, and over the years we have made friends with lots of nice people from all over the U.S. and several foreign countries. There were some surprises too ... we met up with several of our friends from England and Australia this year, along with a great many friends from here in the States.

Many people asked us about our forthcoming Catalog of American Farm Tractors. We have just heard from Krause Publications in this regard, and they tell us that publication is now set for early 2000. Apparently, the size of the book has held up things a bit, since it is quite a large volume, and the editorial time takes quite a while.

Several people have been asking about a tour to Australia in 2001. That's when they have their next National Rally, and this time it will be in Tasmania. By this fall we will be assembling a tour to the 2001 Rally, and we will let you know about it in future issues.

Our thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at Midwest Old Threshers. Your continuing support is greatly appreciated.

We don't have many queries this month, but here goes:

34/11/1 Mar-Vil Unit Q. I recently acquired a small Villiers single cylinder engine (see photo). It is a MAR-VIL unit made by Villiers, Wolverhampton, England. It has s/n MVB4392 on the crankcase and FM 4316 on the flywheel Any information on this engine would be appreciated. Henry G. Liot, RR 1, Grafton, Ontario K0K 2G0 Canada.