A Brief Word

| June/July 1999

There are many different things we could talk about, but as we write this in early April, the robins have returned to Iowa, the trees are budding, and the grass is green again. We even cranked up an engine the other day ... it simply isn't any fun trying to start an engine in cold weather.

As usual, we put forth our Spring caveat about safety. Whether you are at home working on an engine, hauling one to a show, or displaying your prizes to the interested public, please be careful. Keep your fingers out of places they don't belong, and don't strain your back lifting, or get a broken arm from cranking.

We look forward to seeing some of you folks in June as we visit various sites in England. We can promise an excellent tour, fine accommodations, and of course, plenty of old iron.

In 2000, we hope to do a tour of the east coast, probably starting from Chicago and working our way east to coincide with the Cool spring show and other items of interest. Plans now call for a return trip to Australia in 2001. Those who went with us on the last tour to Australia will agree that it was a fantastic journey!

If you're not going with us to England in June, perhaps you might wish to consider going along with us in August as we visit the Great Dorset steam rally. We have talked with lots of people and they have all told us that it is a fantastic experience. There are also engines and tractors, along with steam engines, steam carousels, and who knows what else. Ye olde Reflector has long yearned to visit this show at least once, and this year looks like our chance. Ordinarily, we are at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion at this time, but we have opted to miss it for once so we can take in the Great Dorset.

Recently we heard from a reader who was somewhat disappointed in our 'plugging' someone who informed us of a new product they had to offer. We like to think of this column as a readers' forum, and from time to time we comment on things we think our readers are interested in. It is never our intention to unfairly promote someone over somebody else. That wouldn't be fair to our loyal advertisers. Speaking of which, that brings to mind our friend Lee W. Pedersen who has run a two-page ad in GEM month-after-month and year-after-year. We are always amazed at how and where Lee finds all the products he offers to us through his GEM ads! Now don't all the rest of you advertisers get upset with ye olde Reflector or the folks at GEM for this 'plug.' The truth is, that we hope we can interview some of our advertisers from time-to-time and get a better picture of your activities.