A Brief Word

| July/August 1999

By the time this copy is in your hands (mid-June we hope) a few shows will have already come and gone, and many more will be close at hand. This is always our favorite time of year for many reasons, one of which is to see the new and rare engines that always seem to come out of hiding and back into view.

As noted in an earlier issue, this August ye olde Reflector will miss the Mt. Pleasant show for the first time in many years. Hopefully, we will be able to gather a group of interested folks for the Great Dorset Rally in England. Although it is somewhat like the Mt. Pleasant show with its many steam engines, the Dorset also features many other things such as tractors, gas engines, and a host of other items. Thus, we thought that we should make this sojourn at least once in our life, just to see this exhibit. Since we don't plan to miss the Mt. Pleasant show in future years, this could probably be billed as a once-in-a-lifetime trip for ye olde Reflector.

We have talked with many of our friends in England and in Europe. All of them tell us it is the most fantastic show they could ever imagine, and we are told that it attracts in excess of 200,000 people each year. See our ad in this issue, or contact us at: C. H. Wendel Dorset Tour, Box 257, Amana, IA 52203-0257 or email us at:

To date we have not heard from anyone regarding the recent photo of the Royal engine from Smith & Sons. Could it be that none of these engines are left? They look to be a most interesting design, and we would hope that at least one of them still exists.

We begin this month with:

34/7/1 Unidentified Engine Q. I have a 1? HP engine with the tag, 'United Pump & Power Co., New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh' with s/n B19308. The engine appears to be identical to a Bates & Edmonds Bulldog but there is no lettering on the hopper. It has a Sumter Satan magneto, and main bearing caps have oil wick lubrication. The colors are dark maroon and black with silver on the head, and white striping. Can anyone provide any information on this engine? Richard A. Webber, 1737 Mimosa Ct., Bowling Green, KY 42103.