A Brief Word

| February/March 1999

34/2/11 Leader Engines Q. I recently acquired two Leader engines, a 1? and a 4 HP, both in very good condition. Cast into the flywheel is 'Field Force Pump Co., Elmira, New York.' Does anyone have any information on these engines? M. Macomber, 139 Fogesty Ave., Griswold, CT 06351.

34/2/12 Hildreth engine Q. I would like more information on a Hildreth engine, 2? HP. John Raney, 55565 Eleven Mile Rd., New Hudson, MI 48165.

(Mr. Raney was also looking for information on a 1? HP Novo mud pump, but his fax was somewhat obliterated during sending, and so we couldn't decipher the remainder of his query.)

34/2/13 Information Needed Q. I have a Novo 3 HP engine, s/n 64782. Can you tell me when it was built? (It has the numbers 41720 on the cylinder. Is this a manufacturing date?) I also have a Stover CT2 engine, s/n TB227375. When was this engine built? Larry McIntire, 5103 Sandlewood Ct., Marietta, GA 30068.

A. Your Novo was shipped in August 1920 to Viking Pump Co., Cedar Falls, Iowa. The Stover was built in 1935.

34/2/14 Briggs & Stratton Q. See the photos of a Briggs & Stratton engine with patents 1133053, 1147038, 1169179, 1263694, 2? x 2? inch bore and stroke, crankcase number is 61028, cylinder is 67821. Its original color is army green. I need parts and information on this engine. I would also like to find out about Briggs & Stratton engines shipped to Australia between 1920 and 1950 so I can start a registry in Australia. Ken Eames, 28 Lymburner Rd., S/Side, Gympie, Qld, Australia 4570.