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| February/March 1999

Well, we're happy to report that all of our plans are assembled for our 1999 tour to England. We've got an ad elsewhere in this issue. We'll be heading out on June 18 and will return on July 3. This time we'll be covering areas of England that we haven't seen before, at least not for quite a few years. We'll fly into London and head toward Stamford where we'll be staying as we visit various collections, clubs, etc. Then we'll head off to Lincoln for more of the same, then down to Banbury where we'll attend the Banbury rally, the fourth largest in England. After that we'll go to Winchester where we'll spend some time in the area, including a visit to Roger and Davina Comber's farm where he'll have his big 80 HP Crossley running, along with some other items. Roger and Davina have accompanied us on some recent tours. After that, we'll head back toward London and stay in the Kensington area, and within walking distance of the London Science Museum. This writer was able to spend a half day there, and barely got out of the gas engine area before it was time to leave. We'll have ample time in London this tour.

For our 1999 tour, we've made some changes. These include limiting the tour to one coach; that means a total of about 44-46 people total. The hotels will all be checked out ahead of time, and on this tour, we'll only have five different hotels during our entire two week stay. That makes it a lot easier than having to move to a new hotel every day or so. See our ad, and if interested, contact us at the address given in the ad to reserve your place. Several people have already called us, so we already have at least 14 people that we know are going. That leaves room for about 30 more, so if you are interested, let us know.

In the past we've usually had two or even three coaches, but that makes it quite difficult to coordinate everything, and we've concluded that with one coach, all of our group becomes a happy family for a couple of weeks.

For those who went with us on the first tour in 1993, we'll be staying at the same hotel in Winchester as we did then. It was right next to the Winchester Cathedral, and was quite a nice place. In Lincoln, we'll be right near the town center, 'and in Banbury we'll have a hotel situated among two acres of gardens. In London it will be the Radisson Vanderbilt in Kensington, where we stayed in 1995, and it will be the George Hotel in Stamford. Some of our collector friends in the area tell us that the George is the place to stay in Stamford.

Back in 1993 we visited the Thurs ford Collection near Fakenham. This is the largest collection of showman engines in existence, along with many other engines and machines. A great highlight is the huge collection of carousels and band organs, all of them playing as they did originally. We think this will be a big highlight of the tour. Our first query this month is:

34/2/1 Eaton engine Q. See the photos of the head of my 8 HP Eaton engine. One opinion is that they are freeze plugs. A second opinion says they are to help in cooling. Your comments please. Ralph Naylor, 228 Waterford Rd., Dalton, PA 18414.


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