A Brief Word

| December/January 1999

From a 1909 issue of Collier's Magazine comes this advertisement (see below) of a Ferro Marine Engine. The Ferro was quite popular, and was widely distributed, as noted in the ad. Also note at the bottom that the company claimed to be the 'Largest Marine Engine Builders in the World.'

Also note a 1907 advertisement for the Fay & Bowen marine motors. Although Fay & Bowen was quite popular for a time, advertising for this one is quite scarce.

The American City Magazine for March 1914 carried an advertisement of the Atlantic Pumping Engine from Harold L. Bond Company. Their 3-inch trench pump shown here used a 3? inch bore and stroke. Here is an unusual engine that isn't seen very often.

Whizzer Motor Company popularized their small bike motor in the late 1940s, noting that it would go 125 miles on a gallon of gas, and would fit 'any balloon-tired bike.' The complete kit sold for $97.55 in 1946.

Several years ago we acquired several boxes of magazine clippings from an antiquarian book store. They in turn had acquired this stuff, along with a great many books from a collector. The latter had spent most of his lifetime clipping items of interest from magazines. It took a great many evenings to sort this material into various categories, since the boxes were completely mixed, and the majority of the material is on old cars. However, we thought these items might be of interest.

One last time for the season ... have you drained your engines and tractors?! Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to check for sure before the freezing weather comes and Jack Frost does his expansive work!