Puget Sound Antique Tractor & Machinery Assoc.


| March/April 1973

  • Gas engines and grindstone
    Courtesy of Russell Moss, Hamilton, Missouri 64644.
    Russell Moss
  • 30-60 Rumely
    Courtesy of Keith Evenson, 424-20 Ave. N. W. Calgary, Alberta.
    Keith Evenson
  • Bullock creeping grip tractor
    Courtesy of Lewis Good, R. R. 2, Caledonia, Michigan 49316.
    Lewis Good, R. R

  • Gas engines and grindstone
  • 30-60 Rumely
  • Bullock creeping grip tractor

569 Birch Bay-Lynden Road, Ferndale, Washington 98248.

It was a cool, brisk August 26th when the Puget Sound Antique Tractor & Machinery Assoc. set out to put on their first Threshing Bee. This was all going to take place in the little town of Lynden, Washington which is located ten miles from the Northwest corner of the U. S.

Preparation for the big show started early that morning with Bill Molden-hauer and Howard Blankenforth stoking up their Steam Engines. Most of the machinery was brought the night before the show but some of the tractors were brought in early that morning and lined neatly along the fence.

The gates opened at 8:00 A. M. and the people streamed in. Both young and old were interested in the new event as there were people of all ages present. It was fun to see the older men get together and talk about old times. Their eyes sparkled as they each told their story.

The day started with Bill Molden-hauer lining his 1908 Aultman & Taylor Steamer up with the 30' Wood Bros. Threshing Machine owned by Doug Van Lant. After a lot of backing up and going ahead they finally felt they had it lined up, even though some of the retired farmers were willing to argue that point. Howard Blankenforth then set up his 1916 Avery Yellow Kid Threshing Machine and several different tractor owners lined their entry up to it and tried to run it.

Bundle wagon after bundle wagon was pulled up to each Separator with different people taking their turn at pitching. We had no trouble keeping someone on the wagon at all times. Adding greatly to the show were the two teams of horses pulling bundle wagons up to the Threshing Machines. The teams were owned by Cornie Verduin and John Korthuis.