| September/October 1992

It's September, and we all know what that means-quite a few shows to go to! Our Steam and Gas Show Directory lists over one hundred events for the month.

September also means 'back-to-school' time for the younger collectors, of which there are quite a few, which bodes well for the future of the gas engine hobby. Here's a thought for the 'old-timers'-instead of grousing about how easy these kids have it and how little they know about how things really were, take the time to pass along what you've discovered along the way in your own life. It could be an enriching experience ... for both young and old.

As I write this, I'm keeping a close eye on the window. It's been a very hot and humid mid-July week here in Pennsylvania, and a thunderstorm is now gathering in the west. This brings to mind the destructive natural events which have been taking place lately across the country. How have you made out in your area during severe weather? And for our friends in California, have you come through the earthquakes unscathed? Drop us a line and let us know; our thoughts are with you!

The updated Stemgas book catalog, containing several new offerings, is due any day from the printer. If you'd like to receive a copy as quickly as possible, send us a 29 cent stamp (not an envelope, just the stamp). As soon as the catalogs arrive in our offices, we'll stick your stamp on one and send it out right away!