| October/November 2000

Just as we were going to press this month, we got an unusual request on the telephone which we'd ordinarily send to Mr. Wendel for rumination. However, since it was an intriguing question and came at the last minute, we decided to put it here this month. The call came from William Morath of 383 Palmetto Road, Tyrone, GA 30290. On a 3 HP engine there is a clear data plate which says:


The engine's serial number is 26691, and the letters 'HH' are stamped on all of the parts. Mr. Morath adds that there is a little reservoir tank-perhaps this engine started on gasoline and then went on diesel. This is a new name for us, and it doesn't appear in our usual reference books. Curiously, 'Atnalta' is Atlanta spelled backwards. Perhaps there are other Georgians or collectors anywhere who can shed some light on this engine for Mr. Morath.

Another item of interest is the fact that we have begun the annual process of assembling our Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory for 2001. If you are your show's designated contact, you will be receiving a mailing from us soon, asking for your club's 2001 show dates. If you are working on a brand new show, please let us know, and we'll be happy to send you the information so you can take advantage of this once a year opportunity.

The popular 'Wendel's Notebook,' a handy compendium of useful engine and tractor information including paint colors, serial numbers and the like is now back in print. If you don't already own a copy, this may be the time to get one! See our book ad on page 33 for this and several other new books we know you'll enjoy.