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By Gerry Lestz | Oct 1, 1997

We had a bit of a challenge this month in response to the United
Parcel Service strike. First, we had to find an alternative to our
usual method of shipping book orders. We’re using the U.S. Post
Office, and insuring the shipments so we can be sure you get what
you’ve ordered. We’re trying to send book orders to clubs
well ahead of your show dates, so you’ll be sure to have the
books in plenty of time. Regarding the impact of increased workload
on the postal system, our subscription department is as concerned
as you are about the magazine being delivered on time we hope yours
got to you as usual, but if it was a few days late, keep in mind
that our U.S. Postal Service is a little swamped these days.
Hopefully, the strike will be just a memory by the time you read
this letter, and reliable, timely deliveries will once again be the

For those of you who call our office, we have a new ‘voice
mail’ system. This will enable you to leave messages if you
call when the office is closed during the evening or on weekends,
rather than getting just a ringing phone if it’s after hours
for us here in the Eastern time zone. We recognize there are many
people who don’t like hearing recordings or leaving messages
with machines, but there are probably as many who like to know the
phone will answered whenever they call. Not only should the new
system provide for greater customer satisfaction, but we’ve
also found it to be a sort of employee morale booster, as we’re
all having fun playing with these new telephone ‘toys’ on
our desks. It’s really an experience to compose and record your
first voice mail message! Here’s hoping we all get used to
voice mail soon.

The month of October finds the advertising department gearing up
for the 1998 Steam & Gas Show Directory. If you’re the
contact person for your club or organization, you should be
receiving a packet of listing and advertising information by
mid-October. If you get the information, but are no longer the
contact person, please pass it along to the responsible party. And,
if nothing at all has arrived by the end of the month, please let
us know we don’t want you to miss out on a great opportunity to
promote your club’s show activities!

Enjoy the tricks and treats in this month’s magazine!

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