| October/November 1996

First off, we have a correction to make regarding our August issue. On our front cover, we had a picture sent to us by Kim Gorden. Unfortunately, the caption stated incorrectly that the Gorden's live in Indiana. No, the Gorden home is in Iowa. Unfortunately, we misinterpreted the state abbreviation and got it wrong. We apologize to Kim and to anyone else who may have been caused any inconvenience by this error.

Our August issue was also subjected to a fair amount of indignity at the hands of our mailer. Let me first say that the folks who mail our magazine for us have been doing so far many years, and we number them among our most reliable and competent suppliers. Unfortunately, however, the August issue happened to be the first to mail out under newly established requirements of the Postal Service, which represented a significant change. What has been known as '2nd class mail,' for magazines and newspapers, is now known as 'Periodicals.' New software was needed to generate the mailing labels from our subscription records, so that additional information, such as sack number, could appear on the label. Unfortunately, the operation had some bugs in it, so some of you received more than one copy of the August issue, while some didn't get the magazine. Before the September issue mailed, this problem was taken care of, so we don't anticipate another instance of this kind in the future. We apologize to all who were inconvenienced by this occurrence.

In October we send out our requests for 1997 Directory listings and ads. If you are organizing a new show or know that you now have this responsibility instead of someone who handled it last year, please let us know by calling, writing or faxing us! We go to a lot of effort to keep our mailing list up to date, but it's always a challenge to see that the information gets to the right person. Please help us if there is any doubt!