| October/November 1991

Summer will be winding down as you receive this issue-shows begin to wane, but there will be late shows and auctions to attend before engine activity moves inside for the winter.

We will be sending out our mailing regarding the 1992 Directory around October first, so we're reminding you again to write to us now if your club has a new show or has changed the person in charge of such matters.

One of our advertisers placed an ad last month which has caused a considerable number of phone calls to our office this month. Clearly, the responsibility for the content of an ad is always that of the advertiser, not of a publisher. We haven't refused advertising except in cases where we have had numerous complaints from customers regarding service or quality. Parts dealers and other engine professionals are a vital part of GEM and we value their business, just as their customers value their service. Only on very rare occasions have there been any 'bad apples' in the GEM barrel, and we have always done what we could to toss them out as soon as possible!

What I'm saying is the same thing you so often read in the stories our subscribers have written: Engine collectors are an extraordinarily fine group of people. The same is true for the people who make a business of serving these collectors. Enough said.