| November/December 1998

Sometimes it is refreshing to find what a 'small world' we live in and how common our problems can be! Recently one of our advertisers passed onto us an editorial commentary from the magazine Classic Boating, which appeared in their May/June 1998 issue. In it, the author lamented difficulties which had occurred with their magazine, caused by misinterpretation of data on a computer disc supplied to a mailing house. The upshot was that a third of their U.S. subscribers got two copies of an issue instead of one, and another third received no issue at all.

We remember vividly each instance of a similar nature that we have had over the years! The folks at Classic Boating were ultimately able to solve their problems, which we commend them on, as the aftermath of such a crisis is enormously challenging. We were reminded of how much we rely on our readers to let us know when something isn't quite right, so we can solve mysteries sometimes caused by modern technology!

I know you read about this last month, but I am going to repeat myself. We will shortly begin working on our 25th annual show directory, which will come out in March of 1999. Again, I'd like to ask you to please send any special historical photos from your shows that you'd really like to see in this directory. Probably we won't be able to use everything that's sent, but we certainly would like to try to use as much as we can to celebrate our directory's 'birthday.'