| November/December 1997

Well, friends, November is here, and that means many things. First off, show season has really wound down by now (our Steam &. Gas Engine Show Directory lists only seven events this month), and many of you are 'winterizing' your equipment for the cold months ahead, or preparing to do some tinkering in the shop to improve your old iron's performance for next show season.

While memories of this year's shows are still somewhat fresh, now might be a good time to write up a little piece about everything that went on at your club's summer events and send it in to share with your fellow gas engine enthusiasts. We welcome photographs with those show reports too!

And speaking of shows and that handy directory we publish, those of you who are our contacts for show information should by now have received a packet from our advertising department to guide you in getting your event listings and advertisements into the 1998 edition. Don't hesitate to send the completed forms back to us as quickly as possible it's a pretty big production to get this book put together, and it's always nicest to be consistently busy over the course of the project, rather than be swamped with a flood of incoming forms all at the last minute. The deadline is actually December 15, but let's pretend it's December 1, shall we? Of course, if by now you haven't gotten your directory packets, contact us right away and we'll make sure you get what you need to help us help you promote your shows.

Readers this month might take note of the color photos we've used depending on your pronunciation, this issue is either full of Witte and wisdom, or is one of the Wittiest we've produced in quite some time, as three out of the four color pages feature Witte engines! We didn't plan it that way, it was just those stories' turns to be used, and so we went ahead with something of a 'theme' this month.

Lastly, November brings the opportunity to give thanks, which we certainly do, for special gifts and special people like you.


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