| November/December 1995

With our November issue, thoughts always turn to the family holidays we look forward to in fall. As auction season winds down and show season draws to a close, engines go into garages, basements and barns, to await their winter overhauls.

Speaking of holidays and winter, for those of you who are looking for just the right Christmas gift for that hard-to-buy-for collector, make sure you take a look at pages 38 and 39 in this issue, where you'll find a wide selection of books available from our extensive catalog.

Around October 15, we will be mailing out our packages to our annual show directory contacts. If your club has recently changed contact people, or if you are part of a group starting a new show or museum, please drop us a line and let us know to whom we should address our mailings.

We are winding up our work on the Collectors' Network, published this year for the first time since 1990. If you are participating in this publication, you should expect to receive your copy sometime in early October, and we do hope you'll find it useful.

From our subscription manager: remember when ordering from our catalog that you needn't include the cost of subscriptions when calculating how much your shipping and handling charges will be. Also, for those of you who've let your subscription lapse before renewing, please understand that any back issues you've missed may take longer than you'd expect to arrive. Our first priority is to get the current month's issue out on time, then we go back and take care of such 'loose ends' as missed issues. Please be patient!

I'm happy to say that Andrew Mackey responded to a plea in a letter I wrote earlier this year, for more IN DEPTH descriptions of restorations. The 'Reflections' column has been handled this month by Linda Sharron in Charles Wendel's absence, and we look forward to his return next month.