| November/December 1994

As fall begins, we are preparing to send out our mailing to our show contacts for the 1995 Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory. We'll be asking you for your show dates, location and other information. If you are the individual designated to provide such data to us, and you think we don't have your name, please get in touch with Judy Whiteside or Ruth Myers either by phone or by mail.

The deadline for the Directory information is December 15, so don't procrastinate if you need to receive our package of material.

As I said in my letter last month, Anna Mae Branyan, who wrote GEM's Smoke Rings column for many years, has passed away. See page 32 for a tribute to her.

Since this is the November issue, don't forget to vote in your community. Although this is a so-called 'off year, these decisions are of vital importance, and we should all be part of them.

Thanksgiving Day plans may be in the making as you read this issue we hope that you will all have an opportunity to gather with friends and relatives to celebrate all that is good in your lives, and to thank God for all the wonderful blessings we enjoy.