| November/December 1992

November ... a month for Thanksgiving. We here at GEM give thanks for you, our devoted readers, and your continued support of this great hobby. We extend a special thank you to those who were affected by our computer transition problems but stuck with us through the storm. We understand how upsetting the mixups were; believe me, for as frustrated as you were, we were about 100 times as annoyed that our usual smooth operations were so disrupted. But that's (hopefully!) behind us now, and we move on.

Associate editor Gail Knauer spent a weekend in Wisconsin at the Great Fuller & Johnson Rally, held in conjunction with the Badger Steam & Gas Engine Club's annual show at Baraboo. She says, 'Those Wisconsin folks sure can show a girl a good time-thanks to the Badger club, and the Kindschis in particular, for a memorable weekend!' Look for a report on this show in an upcoming issue.

Subscriber Frank Light, of Callender, Iowa, writes to suggest that we think about an issue devoted entirely to engines manufactured outside of the United States. We appeal to our readers in all corners of the globe to send us stories and pictures of any foreign-made machinery; whether we use the material all in one issue or spread it out throughout the year remains to be seen, but we're always looking for your stories!

That goes for you folks here in the U. S. as well. Now that show season is winding down, why not get to work on that story that you've always been meaning to put together? We'd love to hear from you, and so would your fellow subscribers! Thanks!