| May/June 1996

We'd like to start off with our sincere apology to Mr. John Derby of Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. We made a REAL mess of the two stories of his which we printed in the February and March issues. In short, the illustrations in the March story (p. 25) belong to the February story (with the exception of the photo of the Economy, which is the subject of 'A Second Chance.') The February story, 'Flower Garden Engine' (p.3) appeared with a photo of the correct engine, but without the additional illustrations pointing out various parts. The egg's all over our faces on this one, and we want everyone to know this was OUR mistake, NOT Mr. Derby's! There's no defense for this one, just a sorry mix-up, which we regret.

On a happier note, the weather here has begun to resemble spring, and we know that all of you will soon be 'out there' at auctions and shows. Don't forget to order one of our 1996 Show Directories, so you'll know where to be when! This year's edition is a hefty 12 ounces and 240 pages.

And by the way, we now have an Internet page, which you can find at http: \ \, for those of you who enjoy cyberspace, so pay us a visit! If you can't find us, try searching on 'gas engine.'