| May/June 1992

Consulting the chronological listings in our 1992 Show Directory, I see over 40 shows or swap meets scheduled for the month of May, so I know that our readers will be busy! If you haven't sent for your 1992 Directory, there is still time to do so, but it's best bought early, so that you can plan a full season of engine shows!

From time to time we receive suggestions from our readers, and when possible, we act on them. Recently, a helpful subscriber sent us a list of telephone area codes with the state in which each is located. We have published this list on page 38 for your convenience. We plan to print this list every month, at least for awhile, space permitting. Since more and more of our advertisers are supplying only a phone number for responses, this list should at least advise you of the state where the advertiser is located. We realize that area codes are occasionally changed at the whim of telephone companies, so please let us know you spot any inaccuracies!

We get calls from subscribers who are upset that their neighbors have received their magazines before them, and we are sympathetic, but unfortunately powerless to correct this practice in most cases. Magazines are bundled according to zip code for mailing, and sometimes people who live in close proximity can find their issues in different bundles due to postal sorting requirements. Rest assured that all magazines do leave Lancaster, Pa. on the same day. However, once they have been relinquished to the U. S. Postal Service, there is nothing we can do to ensure their timely delivery. Be patient, though, almost all of them do arrive! Lately, they seem to be taking longer, so the first few days of the issue month may be past before you receive yours, if you live in a distant state.