| March/April 1997

As I write this letter, early into the new year, we are very busy compiling the many, many ads and listings that make up our annual show directory. This year's directory is shaping up nicely we've made a few changes in our format, as always, based on suggestions from our customers. You should find this year's copy a bit larger; at present we estimate it will exceed last year's size of 240 pages, and will contain listings for nearly 1,000 events!

Our advertising department would like to report, to those of you who are responsible for placing ads for your clubs and organizations, that you should have recently received a packet of information regarding how to get those ads published, and also the very important deadlines for upcoming issues. If you need this information and haven't yet received a packet, contact our ad department. If, on the other hand, you have gotten a packet and you're no longer the one who's 'on the spot' for this task, please forward the info to the new person in charge of advertising for your club. In combination with a listing in the directory, an advertisement in the magazine about your club's upcoming events can really boost attendance (and therefore revenue!) for your organization.

Do you own any machinery that you think would look especially good on our cover? If so, send us some good color photographs (no Polaroids, please), and perhaps a juicy story to go along with them. Sometimes it takes a few months for something to appear on the front or back cover, but it's worth the wait when the issue comes out and you can show off to all your old iron buddies!

Think Spring, friends!!