| June/July 1998

Ah yes, the sights and sounds of Spring! Time for early shows, swap meets, auctions and get togethers. Don't forget that you can still get a copy of our 1998 Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory! It's all you need to plan your summer months!

Speaking of directories, we're soon going to begin work on a new edition of our Farm Museum Directory which we last published in 1996. If you operate a farm museum, let us know now, so you can be included in our mailing which will go out in a month or so. Also on the subject of directories, we have a 'missing person' inquiry! We'd like to return some pictures to a Ken Kidder whom we suspect to be a native of Wisconsin. These pictures were sent to us for use in this year's show directory, and we are unable to return them because we have mislaid his address. We may have his name misspelled, as well, so if this rings a bell with you, please drop us a line, or call and tell Ruth in our advertising department.

We have lots of beautiful, colorful stories in this issue and we hope you enjoy them.