| June/July 1996

Finally, as we get this issue ready for the printer, it seems as though Spring is in the air! You'll find this issue full of  'coming events,' to put on your calendar.

If you haven't sent us your show report from last year and you'd like to have it appear before this year's event, be sure to get it to us as soon as you can.

We still have show directories, so do order soon if you want one of them this year's edition is a whopping 240 pages, packed with information. Supplies are starting to dwindle, so don't delay! Remember, you don't need to cut up the cover of your magazine, you can just drop us a note with your check.

Our back issue special that began last month (see ad on page 37) expires on June first. This is a great way for new collectors, especially, to stock up on the last 10 years of GEM for practically nothing. On June 2, we return to our usual prices, so don't miss out!