| June/July 1993

This is another record breaking issue of GEM! This is the first time a June issue has been 112 pages, and we have a full 18 pages of our Reflections column, including a revived Model makers Corner! Watch the classified section carefully this month we have some show date changes from the Directory, and we have included some late arriving COMING EVENTS at the end of the WANTED ads, and at the end of the COMING EVENTS.

We have received quite a number of responses to our Gas Engine Survey which appeared in the April issue, and hope to soon get them computerized and inform you of the result. Keep sending these in, if you wish to participate in this informal attempt to gauge rarity of engines.

One of our subscribers, Joe Brown of Spring field, Missouri, suggests that we dedicate a color page each month to a 'before and after' chosen by the quality of the restoration and not the rarity of the engine. This month, we happen to have an example of such a feature on the back cover, and we'll gladly use more!

June brings summer, and show season really swings enjoy yourselves!