| July/August 2001

Our weather in the East has taken a turn for the better as I write this letter. Graduations are taking place across the nation, signaling the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. Now is the time to turn one's thoughts to the out of doors and particularly to the scheduling of engine shows to be attended in the next few months.

We are happy to have Mr. Wendel back in the issue, and to see some of the rare iron his group found on their recent trip to Australia. In addition, Helen French's column gives some varied opinion on what makes for a good show. It is also our pleasure to include Cliff Northcote's EDGE&TA Column again this month. We just read a letter from a subscriber complaining about the inclusion of new farm equipment at showsperhaps many would agree. As always, it's best to direct any comments about shows directly to their organizers, as they are the folks who bring your suggestions into their meetings.

If you pick up an engine this spring or summer at a swap meet or show, be sure to take 'before' pictures right away, so that you can send them to us later and tell your entire restoration story, when the job's complete. As always, enjoy yourselves and be safe!