| July/August 1994

Once again, we'd like to direct you to the inside back cover to the listing of changes from the 1994 Show Directory. We'll keep on publishing the changes as they occur, to try to prevent you from disappointments. One show scheduled for the end of this month, the Mid-Ohio Valley Steam and Antique Power Show has been canceled. We were sorry to hear that their 20th anniversary show couldn't be held.

We've noticed that mail seems to be taking longer to get from you to us. We mention this as a reminder to give yourself some leeway in sending in your ads counting on the mail to bring us your ad in a day or two may lead to dismay.

The formation of another new club devoted a specific tractor has come to our attention. The Ferguson Club USA has been organized by Ron TePoel of 4353 75th St. NW, Oronoco, MN 55960. At present there are no dues, but he notes you may want to send a few stamps to defray costs. The mission of the club is to provide connections for Ferguson owners.

And enjoy the coming month of July with its many engine activities!