| July/August 1991

  • 1917 Gehl one wheel tractor

  • 1917 Gehl one wheel tractor

Once again, our July issue is the largest of the year, and as usual, it's a real challenge to get it out in the mail to you! There are lots of auctions going on in addition to all of the shows for you to attend.

Our Reflections column is unusually long this month, with lots of good questions and answers. There is more model making material in this issue, as well, reflecting a increased interest in this aspect of engine creation and collecting. We had another story about the recent Model Making Expo held in Ann Arbor in April, but we had to hold this and our In Memoriam column for next time.

At the present time, we have lots of stories in our files, and we hope to bring you even more next month. I thought I would use this space to share a picture sent in by Morris Blomgren of Blomgren Road, R1, Siren, Wisconsin 54872. The picture is of a 1917 Gehl one wheel tractor, of which Mr. Blomgren says only two were made. According to C. H. Wendel's Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors, the Gehl people didn't stay in the tractor business for long.

By the time you receive this issue, spring swap meets and get togethers will be over, and you'll be attending the large annual shows that take place each summer. Let's hope that you'll experience some cool weather, and that these 90 degree days we're having in April won't be a daily occurrence!