| January/February 2001

We're happy to be starting out the 36th year of GEM's publication with this issue. This year should be a bit more carefree, as we have already faced up to the very well publicized Y2K challenges of last year. As I write this letter the outcome of our presidential election is still unknown, but I feel certain you will know who your president is by the time you read this magazine!

We heard recently from a subscriber who is seeking more articles about 'timing, gearings, serial numbers, rings, stuck cylinders, valves, springs, kind, shape, size, flywheel removal, casting numbers, anything pertaining to restoring, colors and stripes.' Perhaps this list will inspire some of you to share what you know particularly those who are known to be great restorers but are hesitant to write!

We are well into the production of our 2001 Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory at this time of year. If you had intended to send in a listing or add for your show, but failed to, check with our advertising department to see whether we can still squeeze it in. We try to find all the shows we can, and do whatever possible to get them all into the book.

We are in the process upgrading our internet connection, and hope soon to be able to communicate more smoothly with you by e-mail if that is your choice. We hope to have more details in the next issue.

In the meanwhile, enjoy whatever New Year's festivities you may have planned as we move into 2001!