| January/February 1995

It is that time of year again when I need to remind all of you who are in charge of your show information to send back the forms for the 1995 Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory. By the time you receive this issue, our deadline for the Directory will be either in the near future or past, so be sure to speed your entry to us, or it may get left out. For your convenience, we do have a FAX line at 717-392-1341, which you can send to at any time.

Last year in our January issue, we carried an index to guide you through the back issues of the year before. Unfortunately, we overlooked the timing factor on getting this into the January issue, and will carry it instead, this year, in the February issue. We failed to get the required advance information to our able indexer, Don Siefker, and thus you will have an index for 1994 in February of 1995.

Send for our new book catalog, if you are interested--we have numerous new titles, and a 29 cent stamp will still bring a copy to you first class.

With this issue, we begin the thirtieth year of publication of GEM. We are truly grateful to all of our readers, writers, and advertisers for their ongoing support.