| January/February 1994

We thought a poem would be a nice introduction to the new year, as we begin the 29th Volume of GEM. We received this one from Roy Childers, who received it for a birthday. The poem's author is Dr. Roy Hartman, a colleague of Childers' in the Ag Engineering Department of Texas A & M University, and a fellow 'engine nut.'

Engines and Life

Engines and Life
are somewhat the same,
To keep them going
One must maintain....

So may your compression be steady
From dusk until dawn
With a strong steady spark
To propel you along.

May your valves seat fully
May your bearings run true,
From one engine lover to another
'Happy Birthday to You'

Remember that December 15 was our deadline for the 1994 Show Directory, but if we haven't heard from you, we may still be able to take your listing or ad. Try faxing them to us at 717-392-1341, or give us a call at 717-392-0733.

As we promised you last issue, we are this month carrying what we expect to be a new annual feature: An Index to 1993 GEM, which begins on page 33. Our hats off to Donald L. Siefker, GEM's faithful indexer for many years. We hope you will enjoy this new feature.