| February/March 1999

As we get our February issue to the printer, we turn our efforts to our 1999 Show Directory, which by now is well under way. If you have ordered a directory in the past, you will probably receive a flyer in the mail to remind you to order again. It's to your advantage to order before February 10th, so that your directory goes out in the initial mailing and we pass the savings on to you. And remember, you don't have to cut up your magazine to order this book, you can either photocopy the form printed on the inside cover, or just send us your name, address and check with a note that you'd like the 1999 Show Directory.

We had a suggestion from one of our readers that we add a 'From The Archives' column, which would reprint articles from early issues of GEM. We are open to this idea, and welcome our long-time subscribers to let us know if and when there might be a particular article from an old issue that they think our newer readers would enjoy.

Here's hoping the groundhog doesn't see his shadow!