| February/March 1996

This issue carries our third annual index to all GEMs of 1995. Donald Seeker, who has been a faithful indexer of GEM for over twenty years. The four page feature appears on pages 28-31.

Within a few weeks, we'll be sending out advertising packets to those of you who place advertising in our magazine for your shows. If you are such a person and fail to receive our packet by the end of January, please write or call and let us know.

I'm sorry to have to report this, but we will be having to increase our subscription rates, and the new rates will appear next month. Unfortunately, between the postal service and paper suppliers, our expenses have gone up astronomically in the past year. We have done everything we can to be more productive and to hold the line as long as possible. Subscription rates have not been increased since 1990how many things do you buy today that still sell at the same price as six years ago? Unlike many popular magazines which are supported by very expensive advertising, we keep our ad rates low so that subscribers can actively buy and sell according to their needs.

One of our subscribers wrote to us recently to suggest that he would like to see GEM devote a page to listing sales results of engine auctions and sales. There may be many of your who agree with his idea, and if so, we welcome you to send us such results and we will consolidate and publish them.

And don't forget to enjoy Valentine's Day with your special someone!