| February/March 1994

As you receive this magazine, we should be finishing up our work on the 1994 Steam and Gas Show Directory, which you will see advertised on the inside cover. We expect this edition to be bigger than last year's, and we don't expect to run out again! Nonetheless, it's a good idea to order yours early. As always, though, we don't expect to send out copies until early March, so do be patient!

We'd like to pass along a request from Ed Semmelroth of 415 Flemming Rd., Tekonsha, MI 49092 this month. Ed is searching for a tractor manufactured 100% in Michigan in mint or restorable to mint condition. Ed seeks this tractor for the State of Michigan, which plans a permanent display (approximately 7 feet wide by 9 feet long) of a Michigan made tractor other than a Ford or Fordson. Apparently there were numerous 'Mom and Pop' shops making tractors, and Ed must find one. He'll go anywhere in the U.S. or Canada to pick it up, and needs photos, prices, conditions. You can phone him at 517-278-2214.

We want to apologize to any of you who ordered books from our Christmas ads that we were unable to ship. Unfortunately, we were unaware that a couple of titles were out of print when we wrote our ad. Especially missed was Wendel's American Gas Engines Since 1872, a popular book this time of year, which we hope will be available again in the coming months.

Club advertising packages should be going out soon, so if you're the advertising contact for your club, look for this. If you need one of these information packets, write to our advertising department and we'll be happy to send one on to you.