| February/March 1990

As we write this letter, we are working madly on our annual Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory, which is always a challenge to produce on time! This will be the 16th annual directory, and this valuable guidebook has grown considerably. By the time you read this, the Directory should be at our printer. If you order a copy, remember that we don't mail the Directories until early March, so you'll have to be patient!

Our Reflections Column is shorter than usual this month, so there are lots of stories! Remember that winter is a great time to write the story you've been 'meaning to get around to,' for GEM. Also, it's a good time to take some really great pictures of your engine or tractor that we might use on our cover!

In the past, some of you have complained that we put our Directory ad with its coupon on the inside front cover. Well, please be assured that you are under no obligation to cut up your magazine! The coupon merely lets you know what information we need from you to get the Directory to you-any ordinary piece of paper will do! We put the ad there because it's such a noticeable spot, not to make you angry!

Note that our 1990 Collectors' Network and Buyer's Guide has a February 15 deadline. We hope this year's will be even better than the first one, last year. See page 31 for the ad.