| December/January 1995

First things first we must admit to a mistake made in last month's issue. You probably searched long and hard to find the back cover story, 'One Year Winter Project,' by Stephen Barker, to no avail. You will find it in this month's issue, on page 9. We apologize to Mr. Barker, and hope that you enjoy his tale.

Hard to believe, but it's time once again for us to collect information for our 1996 Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory. By the time you read this letter, you should have received our package of information if you are your show's contact person the one who sends us the wheres, whens and whos of your events for next year. If you haven't heard from us, or if your show is brand new, let us know so you can be included. Deadline is December 1.5.

Our travelers have returned from a very successful European trip and they will be sharing what they have seen overseas in the magazine over the coming months. We are glad to have Mr. Wendel returning to his column with this issue, and encourage you to write to him as winter approaches, for any answers you need to pursue your restorations.

You may notice that there are a couple of changes in our masthead this month. Gail Knauer, our associate editor, has become Gail Anderson, having been married on October 21. Linda Sharron is now Linda Weidman. While the names have changed, the individuals are the same ones you have been corresponding and speaking with for quite a few years.

Hoping you and yours are well and happy during this holiday season! We'll be back with you next year!