| December/January 1993

With the December issue, we complete the 28th volume of GEM. A lot has changed since Elmer Ritzman introduced his first edition of the magazine, but a lot has stayed the same. GEM has grown over the years it now reaches over 23,000 subscribers each month, and in 1993, the cumulative issues totaled over 1,000 pages for the year, for the first time. Today's issues may be bigger and more colorful to look at than in the early days, but the essence of the book is the same: GEM is written by its readers, for its readers, and we thank every one of you who participates in that exchange in any way.

In past years, we have published an index to GEM about every five years, to help our readers find what they seek in back issues. This year marks the end of that tradition, as we shall instead publish an annual index in the January issue, covering the year just ended. Look for that new feature next month, and in years to come.

You may remember that last April we published a survey form suggested by our subscriber Bill Honey. The purpose was to try to establish some idea of relative rarity among engines collected. Finally, after tabulating responses, we have tried to analyze the data in this issue on page 20. We thank Bill for pursuing his idea.

Don't forget, if you're a show person in charge of getting Directory information to us, our deadline is December 15. Packages were mailed out in early October to known show contacts, so if you didn't receive one and were supposed to, call our advertising department right away to ensure your club is included.

And may your holidays be filled with joy and good fellowship.