| December/January 1991

Our December issue brings us to the conclusion of the 26th year of GEM's publication! Hopefully most of you will have this issue in time for your Thanksgiving holidays, but do remember that your magazine is on time as long as you have it by the first day of the publication month! Our subscription department tells us to advise you that you should not fear that your magazine has been lost or diverted unless that month has arrived!

Our solicitations for information have been sent to our show contact people for the 1992 Directory. As always, should you know of a change in contact person or the existence of a new show, please let us know!

Francis Orr, a long time subscriber to IMA has written to suggest that we might ask our GEM readers to send us postcards listing different organizations (in the mechanical field) that they belong to or know of, so that we might publish a list for everyone's benefit. We think it's a good suggestion and invite our readers to participate! Please send your cards to Linda Sharron, our production director, so she can assemble them into a list for future use in GEM!

If you live in Pennsylvania, we need to inform you that as of October 1, subscription publications are subject to a new tax, so please try to remember when you renew that you must add 6% to the subscription price. It will take a little time for all of our renewal envelopes and other materials to reflect this change.

Unfortunately, we didn't get enough response to our request for recipes for a GEM cookbook in order to have one published this year, but please do ask the cooks in your homes to send some in and we'll pursue it for 1992!