| August/September 2000

You could say that those of us in the magazine business are 'ahead of our time,' as printing schedules and mailing deadlines mean that we have to work about two months in advance. For instance, as I write this note to you for the August issue, it's early June-and as soon as I finish, this issue will be out our door to the printer, and we'll be moving on to the September issue!

My point (I really do have one!) is this: you need to think ahead too. If your club wants to advertise an upcoming event, or you'd like to sell or buy something before Christmas, don't miss our ad deadlines! Likewise with stories that you want to appear in the magazine-remember it takes few months to actually show up in print.

Another 'planning ahead' note: it's always a good idea, before heading out to an engine show, to call the show contact to get the most up-to-date details. This is especially true if you'd like to exhibit-it's best to let them know you're coming. Unexpected arrivals mean undue stress all around: show organizers have to scramble to find a spot for you, and you might not like the spot they finally come up with. Laying a little advance groundwork can prevent a lot of headaches!

Finally, we apologize to subscriber Dean Axtell of Grants Pass, Oregon, whom we mistakenly called Dan in our March 2000 issue, when noting that he had been kind enough to tell us of Jack Versteeg's passing. We appreciated Dean's courtesy in getting that bit of information to us.

Enjoy the dog days!